I've been working in IT since I was in middle school. I spent a lot of time upgrading modems and eventually converting them to DSL networks from the repair shop out of my parents dining room up until the point I moved off to college in Atlanta, GA.
I came across a handful of opportunities after I was hired by the Division of Information Technology at Southern Polytechnic State University in late 2002. I eventually ran into a 6 month project through my side business and decided to make the jump into full time consulting.
I consulted around Atlanta for 2 years before picking up a full time gig at a .Net development shop. Since then I've learned a lot about the best way to code for both the business, the developers, the networking and data center teams, and most importantly the software's end user.
After attending Velocity San Francisco in 2013 I became a full fledged DevOps convert. It's about tools and culture outside of development and operations work. It's about measuring things and trying to get better every time we do something and making sure the 'better' we're striving for is the best thing for everyone involved.
I love what I do and enjoy any chance to hear what others in industry are up to in their shops. I don't have as much free time as I'd like these days but I'd still love to talk about how we can help each other if and when we should have the chance.
To learn more about my center of practice please visit Ecology Computing or read
Rugged Baselines for Cybernetic Systems (Latest version. Originally posted 05/07/2017).